The Cross Over From Info to Heart Based, balanced living.

The Next phaze of my New project and web site now coming together. A merging from the truth seeking world into the heart based conscious living.This is about having all the info, products and support on all fronts to help the fellow human going through the awakening, which can be

First ever human trails find magic mushrooms defeat severe depression

Get ready world, “magic” mushrooms, which contain the psychoactive compound psilocybin, may soon become the standard go-to for reversing what the World Health Organization says is the number one cause of disability on the planet: depression. A brand new first of its kind study published in The Lancet reports that psilocybin

How we can learn from Animals and every living thing

In fluff we trust!! The 4 legged cloud maloo. Its profound how much animals communicate with us and the amount of un conditional love they give. Animals don't run many filters or programs unless they learn them from the owners. Seeing un conditional love in action is a beautiful thing.

Why is the dog happier?

Why is the dog happier? The dog is living in the present moment he is not still holding onto the fact he didn't get to go for a walk yesterday, or depressed about the dog that tried to attack him in the park a week ago. He lives purely in

A Gathering Of Momentum “Star Seed Gardens”

Hey beautiful people thank you to all those who came to our seminar last weekend in Byron bay @Star Seed Gardens called “A Gathering Of Momentum” I was so humbled by the calibre of people who showed up, a room full of amazing likeminded people ready to receive this information which