Warren Buffet makes over $45 million a day



Warren Buffet makes over $45 million a day….

Buffett’s wealth increased $527 every 1.2 seconds. That’s the time it takes Tiger Woods to start and finish his golf swing. Since 2011, Bank of America has made $11.8 billion in net income; or $900 million less than what Buffett made in 2013. In 2013 Buffet made over 13 Billion. One Billion is A Thousand Million. Think about how much that really is. This is one guy playing monopoly with the planet amongst his robber baron bankster folks. How much does one person really need? You can’t eat it. You are limited to the same cycle of every other human being. You can’t take anything with you when you die. Just one guy can solve world hunger, end war, give nations free education and real healthcare and preventative knowledge, heck electricity can be free for all, innovations of new energy and eco sustainability permaculture can ignite a renaissance on our planet. New World Fairs can bring Peace through Understanding. Innovators, Artists, Messengers, Passionate Thinkers, and Doers, Scientists, Healers, and community people have to want it and have to build it. If you build it. They will come. Build the Renaissance. Imagine holistic hospitals, with herb gardens to treat people cheaply, locally, and naturally. We have the wizards of surgery and emergency, lets build one whole system from East to West. Before anything can be- thieves must return what they’ve stolen. Murky thought forms spread like disease, fear in its lowering immunity. Wise seek wisdom and love truly from thy heart, knowing higher frequencies consume lower ones. All have their karmas from this life to the next. None can claim purity as all have done wrong somewhere in life. No priest, no senator, no law is above the truth in life. Protect Liberty & Freedom from its descent. World War Three in inevitable- that the crazy plan being laid out since 9/11 till now. #ww3 #911 #sept11 #truth #liberty #occupy #occupy99 #renaissance #renaissanceproject #globalawakening #billions #millions #money #greed