Oddly Wholesome Work Shop Series

Join us in the evenings for a series of spring healing workshops across 4 modes of practice:

3rd September 19:30-21:15

Bondi NSW

Tickets available @  www.oddlywholesome.com.au

##### WELCOME #####

We will be running weekday evenings for 8 weeks from 1st September – 23rd October culminating in a special event for all participants.

Some of Sydney’s most active conscious facilitators have come together to bring this incredible program to the Eastern Suburbs.

********* MONDAY *********




Awaken your vibrant soul through this ancient & fervent magic of fluid motion and discipline. Journey with enlivening presence and ignite your primal energy.

Adam Lobo || Razed in Flames

Prop manipulation, dexterity play, and breath control with single staff, double staves, hoops and poi. Persistence, non-attachment and stillness of mind.

********* TUESDAY *********





Gather in musical ceremony for an exploration of language and creativity. Find your groove in the interconnected social fabric and feel the pulse within.

Ben Kidson || Drum For Your Life

West African drumming, music and oral tradition as a framework for social and ceremonial practice. Contrast, unity and relational interdependence.

********* WEDNESDAY *********





Nurture your inner spirit and dance a path to sustainable wellbeing. Foster vitality with this playful practice of liberation through embodied awakening.

Caitlin Wood || Dancing Freedom Inner West

Sacred dance as a practice of healthy boundaries and freedom of expression. A framework for physical and emotional communication.

********* THURSDAY *********





Engage your sense of self and discover the energy that permeates your being. Cultivate internal wisdom through this fluid practice of balance and strength.

Luis Fernández || Internal Wisdom Tai Chi & Qigong

Qigong moving meditation, coordinating slow flowing movement, deep rhythmic breathing, and a calm meditative state of mind.

##### PRICING & SIGNUP #####

We’re offering a one time $48 introductory pass for 2 weeks unlimited access. This allows you to come as you like and try the things that interest you. We also offer a range of flexible pricing options on our website.

##### IMPORTANT INFO #####

This event page represents the opening dance of the series on 3rd September (workshops start from the 1st September). We have a few special touches planned for this night however with limited capacity we wish to ensure those who are keen don’t miss out. If you’d like to be involved, we recommend you reserve a place using the booking system on our website.

For more information you can read about the series on our website atwww.oddlywholesome.com.au

Oddly Wholesome is a community organisation focused on music, arts and therapeutic workshops. We cultivate healthy space for the intersection of diverse cultures with a focus on freedom of expression, vitality and wellbeing.

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