What you truly are is Spirit and Soul, a light-entity and an emotional entity combined.

What you truly are is Spirit and Soul, a light-entity and an emotional entity combined.
Your spirit- this little point of light – surrounds all molecular structures of your body; thus it houses and supports the mass of your embodiment. Your soul lies within the mass, near your heart, in a cavity under a shield of bone wherein nothing exists except electrical energy. Your soul records and stores, in the form of emotion, every thought you have ever entertained. It is because of the unique collectiveness of emotion stored with in your soul that you have a unique ego identity or personality self. The body that you inhabit is a simple carriage- a chosen, refined vehicle-that allows you to live and play upon the plane of matter (earth). Yet through your vehicle you have steeped yourself into the illusion that your body is who you are. You who have the power to create the magnificence of stars, have created every moment and every circumstance of your life. Who you are you choose to be, what you look like you created. How you live, you wholly designed and destined. That is the exercise and privilege, if you will, of being God / man. You create your life through your own though processes by how you think. Everything you think, you will feel, and all that you feel manifests to create the conditions of your life.
Ponder this it only takes a moment for you to in vision happiness and your whole body will feel joy. It only takes you a moment to play the part of a wretched creature whom no one has be friended, and you will feel sorrow and pity for yourself. It only takes a moment to do that. It takes but only a moment for you to stop crying and to laugh with joy. It takes you a moment only to stop judging and feel the beauty of all things. Now who is doing all of this?
And while you have had this fantasy of creating feelings with in your being, has anything around you changed??



But everything that you are has. You are precisely what you are thinking, everything you think, and so will it be in your life. If you ponder a fantasy of copulation, your being will become enticed. If you ponder misery you will have misery. If you ponder unhappiness, you will have it. If you ponder joy you will have it, if you ponder genius it is already there. How is your future created??

Through your Thoughts….
All of your tomorrows are designed by your thoughts from this very day, for every thought that you entertain- every fantasy you have, for whatever emotional purpose- creates a feeling with in your body which is recorded with in your soul. That feeling then sets a precedent for the conditions in your life, for it will draw you to circumstances that will create and match the same feeling that has been recorded in your soul, and no that every word you utter is creating your days to come, for words are not only sounds that express the feelings with in your soul that have been given birth through thought.
Do you think that things happen to you purely by chance? That is not the truth as it is known. There is no such thing as an accident or coincidence in this kingdom, and no one is a victim, of any ones else’s will or designs. Everything that happens to you, you have thought and felt into your life. Thought is the true giver of life that never dies, that can never be destroyed, and you have used it to think yourself into life, for it is your link to the mind of god.

Use your thoughts wisely for thoughts can be weapons of mass destruction or words of beauty and wisdom. Don’t waste one minute being unhappy or negative, shift you’r thinking the moment you feel yourself falling out of the vortex. Stay in the vortex of happiness and positivity every second of the day you are the creator of your own reality no one can take you god given right away to learn through this human experience we call life…. #thenatemaxproject #Rumtha

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