Your Connection

We are one with mother earth, if she gets sick , we get sick ,we are more connected to mother earth then you will ever know , to the stars, the heavens , the oceans, the animals. Its time humans together take back our God Given right to live in a world of peace and love. This means putting down the walls of divide, focus only on the positives. No one is perfect which means there can be no judgement of others and no expectations, love others just the way you would like to be loved in return. It all starts with us right now, not next week this minute. Every time you wake in the morning is a fresh brand new chance to change every thing , don’t live a single minute unhappy not living to your full potential, together as oneness we can literally change the world, set your intention stay positive, stay in the vortex, let nothing get you down, you are the creator of your own destiny no one can change or take that away from you. Take what’s rightfully yours before its too late.

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