Six Million Perish….

After the red revolutionaries (funded by Wall Street- specifically the Warburg’s) assassinated the royal Russian Tsar’s and their families, a massive holocaust took place. Over 20 million were slaughtered starting in 1917, while a ‘new regime’ took over labeled as Bolshevik Communism. 
Trotsky, Lenin, and later Stalin would continue deaths of millions, while the British & US State Dept. openly allowed the murders to take place due to the fact that they were in talks with the early soviets. During 1932-1933 another 7 million were deliberately starved to death, during Stalin’s 5 year program. Ukrainian’s were chosen to be the suppliers of all wheat and food for the ‘new Russia’. Families were unable to produce the required food for the regime. It was punishable by 10 years in gulag prison for picking wheat under starvation. Others were simply shot. Animals starved to death and entire villages became ghost towns with the dead laying in the streets. All food and resources were stolen and essentially Ukrainian heritage and millions were destroyed during a manufactured famine. All children survivors were sent to camps to be brainwashed into good soviet soldiers for the new state. 
Officials were still denying the holocaust known as HOLODOMOR ever happened. It was not until 2004 that officials in Ukraine and Canada finally acknowledged the acts as genocide. Anyone in the old bolshevik soviet empire talking about it was killed. It was a most horrendous act which still is missing from our history books. Let us not forget our forefathers who died and suffered while their land was raped and pillaged during a silent genocide. Let us as a human family remember and not allow such atrocities again take place- from Gaza to Ukraine- end genocide and the evil death squads who care not for life. 


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