War Crimes – Phosphorous shelling in Ukraine

With a battle on going since May and nearly 1,000 dead in this city alone, citizens were attacked by chemical weapons in white phosphorus shellings on Aug 14th. The locals allege that Ukraine’s military has shelled their city with internationally prohibited phosphorus chemicals. The Ukrainian government that the U.S. installed in February of this year (which last month fell apart in a parliament fist fight) was resorting to internationally banned white phosphorous firebombs in order to help destroy the million people who lived in the now Ukrainian separatist capital of Donetsk. It lands super-hot and starts fires and burns to death almost anyone it touches. In a leaked call with insane ex-pm Tymoshenko, after asked, by her counterparty, “what should we do now with the 8 million Russians that stayed in Ukraine. They are outcasts”… to which she replies: “They must be killed with nuclear weapons.” After a leaked phone call between US assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland and the US envoy to the Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt confirmed that it was the US that was pulling the strings in what was about to be a violent coup overthrowing Ukraine. What is going on in Ukraine is a great tragedy. Back in early July, US State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki said to reporters at a press briefing that the Ukrainian government has every right to conduct attacks on civilians, as this upholds the country’s unity. That’s nazi talk… That’s insane… Interfax news agency reported that unusual munitions that resembled “fireworks or white rain” after exploding have been seen on a front of the battlefield up to 5 kilometers wide. Charles Shoebridge, a former UK army officer, told RT that the video “does appear to show some of the characteristics one would expect to see with the use of white phosphorus or a similar incendiary ammunition.” With over 10,000 dead since the Euromaidan began in Kiev, this “war” is deadly. America is guilty again in fermenting unrest and openly supporting the killing of civilians.

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