Israel's policies and actions have destroyed and confiscated over 25,000 Palestinian homes

Why do people not see the reason for such great instability is in fact Israel’s policies and actions which have destroyed and confiscated over 25,000 Palestinian homes (and that was prior to 2014’s latest siege which has destroyed much more- killing over 2,000). The problem is Israel does not represent a holy spiritual state for the Jewish faith, but is a conglomerate force of military, intelligence, finance, & media corporate run, same hijacking that swept across America, who is openly doing wrong. Killing children is the worst you can do. There’s nothing holy about that.

Judaism must clean off the corruption installed by neocon international bankers. Israel must oblige by the original UN 1947 mandate for a THREE STATE SOLUTION- where Israel, Palestine, and an International Zone which belongs to all people in Jerusalem. All Hebrews and Muslims are related as mother, brother, sister, wife, husband and fathers to each other- as they are the children of Abraham- who’ve since list their way branded in religious division instead of understanding & peace.

Peace talks failed when Netanyahu confiscated more Palestinian land, causing more strife & wrongly done retaliation.

Israel is guilty of dozens of war crimes. When will Israel conform to International Law- and if the US and UN have no control over their runaway creation- than who does?
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