Creating The Life You Want


Many crave different out comes in their lives. They’re not happy (in fact they are angry) with their work, relationships, abilities, health and income.

Every week they keep buying lotto tickets in the vein hope that that one day it will all change from the outside.

Change for many can be very difficult, impossible for some even if they utterly detest their current situation, they would rather die than change or try something new.

There are 2 simple concepts that when recognised and utilised can empower any individual, organisation or company to begin improving their lot in life.

Firstly; take responsibility and absolutely know that where you are in your life at this moment is the end result of every choice you have ever made. There is no one else to blame, even if you started from a difficult situation and the choices you made were difficult, you still created the situations that lead to your choices. You are the creator of your own reality.


Secondly; to create a different outcome you (the person) have to become someone different in order to create something different. You have to change from within, in order to create different out comes out side

Simply leaving (or running away) from your current situation is no guarantee that things will be different in the future. It may provide instant short term relief, but unless you become someone different (therefore do and act differently) the same outcomes are bound to appear and re appear.

For example it’s easy to be like the majority of the population and be obese or over weight. All you have to do is be a person who eats lots of sugar, dairy and flour products and sit around. Currently this is 62% of the Australian population.

To be thin, you have to be a thin person. A thin person eats lots of vegetables supplements, drinks lots of water and exercises regularly.

Likewise it’s easy to be like the majority and be in debt or have an addiction. But to be someone special you have to behave and act like someone special.


If things are to change, it is up to you to change, then things must change.



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