GMO (Genetically Modified Organism ) Papaya Causes birth defects organ damage massive tumors.

Most Hawaiian papaya is genetically engineered to be ringspot virus-resistant. But research shows animals fed GE foods like corn and soy suffer intestinal damage, multiple-organ damage, massive tumors, birth defects, premature death and/or nearly complete sterility by the third generation. Dangers to humans are unknown. Simple reason alone should make one question. The island of Kauai, Hawaii, has become Ground Zero in the intense domestic political battle over genetically modified crops. But the fight isn’t just about the merits or downsides of GMO technology. It’s also about regular old pesticides. The GMO field experiments are supervised by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the pesticides have the U.S. EPA’s stamp of approval. As disease skyrockets, as suffering grows the “War on Cancer” fails because the industry is an abomination of nature- it seeks to go beyond nature with its own co-creations acting as creator if new foods and new life. They’ve begun feeding massive quantities of all types of garbage foods- foods so dead in nutrition and only just satisfying the belly for the time being- is killing a whole generation. Nothing in any fast food dispensary will ever be positive.



Those stuck in their desires and unquenchable sensations will never leave the wayward path. The mind is key. This is all an illusion. You can eat healthy and organic but if you’ve no mind and you just become a puppet to be used in the game what’s the point? Control will as the Universal Law is “The Will To Do Good.” Kauai is Ground Zero for the testing of GMO crops. #Kauai residents have proposed an amendment to the county charter that would tighten the new regulations a lot further. If approved in a countywide vote, it would ban all GMO cultivation until the companies can prove to the county’s satisfaction that their pesticide usage does not harm public.

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