WHO NEEDS MONSANTO ? Grow Local Organic Gardens Change The Food & Health Care System

The GMO companies produce much more than newfangled seeds. At their core, they are large chemical companies that manufacture many types of agricultural chemicals. A major chunk of their income is generated from the sale of pesticides to farmers on the U.S. mainland. The farmers are told that they must use the chemicals in order to protect their pricey GMO crops from never-ending attacks by bugs and weeds. The agribusinesses are like printer manufacturers that make their money selling high-priced ink cartridges.



Pesticides are the biggest threat to mothers, newborns, and young child immunity. If the body is given such high doses of chemically toxic levels in nearly everything it eats- how does one expect it to live healthy and with full immunity? Chronic inflammation is happening to majority of Americans who are totally uneducated on nutrition nor understanding detoxification and immunity building. Only when imminent disease or cancer consumes life do people care. Our schools purposefully failed. People are brought up to be consumers for a shitty system that cares for none of us but a few a-holes at the top who behave like madden cancers upon our earth harming so many for no good reason.
Dow has developed new corn and soybean seeds that are resistant to 2,4-D, an older herbicide that was an active ingredient in Vietnam War-era Agent Orange and has been linked to reproductive problems and #cancer . The company has asked the #USDA to approve the seeds in hopes that a new generation of herbicide-tolerant crops can come to the market. That’s insane. Dow’s Lorsban, consists of about 45 percent chlorpyrifos.


A study published in March in the British journal The Lancet Neurology found that chlorpyrifos, a neurotoxin, is one of a dozen chemicals commonly found in the environment that “injure the developing brain” of children.
Perhaps one day we will enter real health prevention and care facilities which grows their own vitality foods for immune boosting and maybe even a wheat grass bar for cancer
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