"The Most Ethical Diet Just So Happens To Be The Most Environmentally Sound Diet And Just Happens To Be The Healthiest"

It’s been proven in hundreds of thousands of documented cases & Supreme Court hearings. Before the Rockefeller & Wall St. Syndicate overtook the AMA (where today’s doctors come from) and hijacked medical laws which outright banned over 800 holistic natural healers. Over the years people like Hoxley, Renee Cassie, Dr. Gershwin & plenty more, reignited the knowledge of natures diet & its performance as “medicine” (whether good or bad) to improve immunity, vitality, & basically never again be sick with full improvement of mind and body.

It’s no secret. It’s the exact same methods which indigenous native tribes used across the Americas to Asia’s mountain tops. The old world and the new. Simple herbal medicinal remedies and nutritional immunity boosting diets, lowered all the skyrocketing diseases and cancers of our era. The Essenes which Jesus was, were vegetarian for spirit. Plants produce fruits & nuts which fall to us. Greens made of physical sunlight vitality. Grains & lentils of proteins. Omega 3 fatty oils in flax. Good oils in avocados & coconuts. There are two types of forces carnivores who eat their own kingdom, plant based who eat from the lower kingdom. As plants eat the mineral kingdom.

Mankind is caught in a continuous system which at its root has unfortunately been wrong. This like many systems from the Treasury’s continuance of a foreign international banking system of kings & monarchs financing the world as they see fit- outright killing and droning others. America lost its constitution, its liberty & freedom, ability to assemble & freely speak openly in public squares, every person is treated like a piece of shit- groped at Homeland Security airport land, seen as threats by the newly trained ‘police.’ The greatest threat to America is not terrorism- its the fact its loosing its civil rights of #LIBERTYLIBERATION #FREEDOM #DEMOCRACY THE FOUNDATION OF AN AMERICAN NATION OF GOOD WILL & UNITED STATES. 
We remember #food comes from around the world in our globalized system. We are dependent on each other. We are all connected. Everything is connected. Everything is energy. Your consciousness expansion in new thought is awareness. The Global Movement


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