The Spiritual Body "Dream Realm"

The third form body or the container body known as the ”dream world body” is consciously or unconsciously used by almost all incarnated human beings during their physical body sleep period.

And above these there are two more bodies known as the ”Mental Body” used unconsciously by many and consciously by very few to create ”Architectural Mental Energy Plan’s” known as the ”Live Thought Forms”, and the Causal Body, in which the experiencing ”Higher Self” or the radiant ”Soul Mind” as a radiant Jewel of Shining Solar Consciousness exists in an energy Formation.

In the current conditions of ‘full scale corruption’ prevalent in all walks of evolving human life, including ”spirituality and religion’s’‘, which has blemished the evolving ”’collective consciousness”’of this planet earth, by unquenchable greed and to illegally control other ”less fortunate entities and beings”’ of this ”Planet Earth” by ”Hook and Crook” means, for the first time even in this planet Earth’s ”History” the indwelling ”Soul” [Both Higher and Lower] are being destroyed after the death of just ”physical body”. The evolving ”Collective consciousness” of this planet earth has thus polluted the entire Ethereal Space which is negatively affecting the ‘ vital consciousness of the entire ‘Solar Universe, existing and circulating as the ”’unwanted poisonous energy”, and thus ”No One” is Allowed to Continue any Further till the evolutionary act of consciousness expansion is properly cleaned off from this murky conscious matter of ”corruption” which having its own ”negative vital life.” human societies have readily accepted in the name of civilization based upon science and technology especially the scientific attributes of virtual reality has caused more confusion in the evolving minds of human beings, who engrossed in its illusory aspects do not possess even any questioning minds as to ”’What is the So called Evolving consciousness or its source?
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