Alkalized Living Whole Food PLANT BASED LONGEVITY DIET

We are beings existing in illusionary forms as shape is not solid, but spinning orbs of energies and ‘light.’ We are essentially frequency and light. It is nature. When the incarnated human being dies, the dense physical form resides- it does not go- the Spirit is ethereal matter of gaseous electric & magnetic influence. Heart & mind are magnetic & electricity, creating whiteness in frequency- you call- “life.” Thought is everything. Fear is a bullshit weakness & worry, in a wrongful system which uses it against all with 24/7 terror. It is this awareness of oneself which guides connected to divinity. Our entire genetic & even physical form is fully based on a “Golden Number System” or Fibonacci phi “flower of life” blueprint of energy. It literally depicts mathematic understanding. Sunlight literally materializes as “food” in plants which also produces nuts & fruits which freely fall. The plants, spices and roots are used globally holistically as nutritional medicinals. Wheat grass itself at a molecular level is nearly identical to human blood, which is why its used for cancer patients immunity boosting. A vegetarian diet of greens, protein grains, good oils & flax, with nuts & fruit included are great for alkalinity, which promotes immunity, along with aromatic spices as known by Ayurvedic healing. Longevity nutrition is well documented. 

The reason plant based nutrition is required for students of spirituality, is dead flesh carries its own energy of an animal killed, (and in modern mechanical painful infliction), often fear, which is a low frequency, often used to “control” through impulse. Love is the opposite of fear and much higher, as all higher frequencies consume lower ones, it wholly depicts why light is correct by nature in the cosmic illusions. Mind is more important than what you eat or what you look like. Heart will guide always.
All ancients from civilizations surviving post flood had spiritual centers carrying older knowledge which also has shown pharaohs, Essenes, old Jewish & even early Muslim, as followers of Buddha were vegetarians but even that first precept was altered by the Dali Lama’s group. Do as you choose. All are one & different. 



Until recently, the public has not known of the life changing research that has been performed on nutritional supplements and their ingredients. In fact, the FDA and their partner industries including the medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies have used every effort at their disposal to ensure that the public is not aware of these studies. With the rise of the internet “information age” and community groups connected virtually, a great deal of knowledge has been exposed to those who seek it.

Our country is getting sicker. More than one third of Americans are either diabetic or pre-diabetic – a disease completely preventable with proper nutrition and diet. Despite having the best “high-tech” medical system in the world, we rank 60th in terms of health and longevity. Despite the fact that we spend more on health care in America than all the rest of the world combined, illness and cancer rates continue to skyrocket. The further away from nature we become, the more suffering is done.

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