Why Are Millions Marching Around The World? Peoples Climate March 9/21 NYC

When groups as diverse as billionaire dingleberry George Soros’s moveon.org team up with the Socialist Party in America, Anti-Fracking groups, Occupy Wall Street, and folks who are simply angry and know the whole thing is falling apart all join together – you have to step back and ask why? The base is built on the famous “EARTH CHARTER” global agenda. The founders of the Earth Charter, include the lucrative Rockefeller family attempting to establish a global super-state to enforce the Charter in what some say is a Socialist / Fascist form of rule. As the world collapses mankind sees that the banks failed and swindled our futures in a dead system. War is broken out in nearly every continent. It grows unending every day. And nature itself is destroying with stronger and more fierce storms each year. Some begin to wonder if 2012 was not the end- but a warning of change. Yes mankind’s pollutants and hundreds of tons of chemicals dumped is never good, but earth changes are happening across the galaxy. Everything is changing. 
Those marching for their Nobel causes or those willfully seeking deceit and control all march together tomorrow. What each person does in their own life matters most. If we fail to evolve majority of humanity will suffer unneeded pain and die off. The entire system is wrong. Corruption is rampant. The Federal Reserve system must end. The food systems must restructure building local organic farming markets, healthcare must accept eastern healing as a “whole” set. Education could be provided if war can. Healing prevention & healing cooking should be taught. Clean energy systems, solar road ways, Tesla technology of wireless energy for all- if Small nations have established systems which provide free electricity & water than all should be. New systems would pay itself back quickly leaving good will for mankind’s collective evolution. This is your Renaissance. 
Be aware of those walking ways of wickedness, never step upon their pathways. Be light and beyond marching- talk and change by being a part of change
Earth is dying and we all know it. As above so below.  The global movement

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