Hong Kong 2014 #OCCUPY CENTRAL

Thousands of university students from across Hong Kong formed a sea of white as they arrived in Chinese University (CUHK) to join the week-long class boycott for democracy which began on 9/22. Last month, 500,000 people took the streets when Beijing ruled that while Hong Kong can pick its leader by “one person, one vote” in 2017, only two or three candidates with majority support from a 1,200-strong nominating committee could run. Potential candidates that Beijing does not want on the ballot paper would be screened out by the committee on the grounds of national security. While China is cautious of the Neocon Revolutionaries causing unrest, but clamping Democracy won’t bring freedom. An open society has vanished amongst World War and even the Great Internet Wars. “In the colonial days, the British ruled Hong Kong as if they were a group of refugees and obedient subjects,” Shum said. “On August 31, [Beijing’s] decision would allow the central government and [tycoons]to continue to manipulate the election. Isn’t that applying the colonial [approach]to Hong Kong?” DAY FOUR Hundreds of Thousands across Hong Kong are as one. Activists or another “coup steered revolt” took their fight 10/1/14 to the doorstep of Hong Kong’s chief executive, sitting down outside his office gates to express their dissatisfaction with him and the central government in Beijing, looking to occupy government buildings this week. It’s all been dubbed the “Umbrella Revolution,” after umbrellas became symbols of the movement when they were used to shield against police tear gas and pepper spray. The future seems uncertain, and the students will be put to the test. Hong Kong joined a Global Revolution towards Evolution, a free an open society united through diversity by the universal “Will To Do Good.”

The Global Movement

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