Stop U.S, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, From Supporting ISIS Terrorists

As Haaretz stated on June 27, 2002- President George Bush outlined U.S. Middle East policy, which adopted emphases voiced by Israel’s chief of staff-designate, Major General Moshe Ya’alon, during recent visits to Washington, the lecture delivered by the head of the Mossad came across not as an independent stance being taken by Israel but as a draft for a joint U.S.-Israeli policy, or at least Pentagon-IDF-Mossad approach. The “War On Terror” has been an open US/Israeli war from the conception. On 9/11 it was PM Ehud Barak who FIRST told on live BBC TV- that a ‘War on Terror’ by a coalition force will go after “Bin Laden.” This is minutes after the second tower was hit. The US has not said who attacked- Israel did and than it became the official story. Meanwhile Seal Team Six who supposedly killed Bin Laden are all dead in odd ways, Bin Laden’s body was thrown overboard at sea… Nobody believes that story anymore. Heck even major news is calling out the Pentagon for funding, arming, and training what is today- ISIS. Its no real secret. But whose paying attention? Not majority- that’s for sure. 
AlQaeda were CIA trained fundamentalists turned extreme Jihadists, used for proxy wars against Russia, than parts in Iraq against Iran, until the operation to take down Iraq. Starting with official 1982 Israeli Foreign Policy to “separate Iraq into 3 provinces to control easier” and later joined with Neocons, Wall St, corporate and political corruption- 9/11 was “the New Pearl Harbor” written by #PNAC by Israeli co-author Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney, Richard Perle and papa Bush’s CIA. A 7 nation plan exposed by General Wesley Clark told the world this group already gad the plans written up before 9/11. Its utterly disgusting. The Mossad Agents arrested in NJ who were on photograph celebrating the destruction of the #WTC in 2001 are openly discussed in the Jerusalem Post’s article of the court case.



Countries such as Russia, China, and Iran consistently raised objections to Western and Gulf policies in Syria throughout the duration of the conflict, proven to be entirely accurate. The Obama administration, in addition to US allies such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Jordan, and Kuwait, bear the ultimate responsibility for giving rise to the terror organization to ignite war the necon PNAC “7 nation plan” involving Syria, & Iran. Saudi Arabia has sent 30,000 troops to secure the kingdom’s frontiers. By virtue of its oil wealth, the House of Saud has spent the last three decades promoting the Salafist interpretation of Islam, which often grows extreme students. In a move that borders on satire, Saudi Arabia has agreed to a recent American request that the kingdom provide a base to train so-called ‘moderate’ Syrian rebel fighters. Saudi Arabia has publicly beheaded some 23 people last month alone, for drug-trafficking and petty crimes.

Baby Bush made a major multibillion-dollar arms sale to Saudi Arabia in 2008, as he began his first visit to the Islamic kingdom. Bush declared in a speech in Abu Dhabi this week that Iran was “the world’s leading state sponsor of terror”. Tehran denounced Bush’s comments as “words without value”. Remember this is from the man who openly lied to everyone about Iraq, Guantanamo, and the massive war crimes upon mankind. 
The Saudi arms deal stems from Bush’s proposal in 2007 to offer Gulf Arab states some $20 billion in weapons, including Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) bomb kits for the Saudis. Corrupted Saudis are the ones who train extreme Sunni jihadists who are blamed from attacking NYC on 9/11. The war Syria has been ongoing for 3 exhausting years with over 250,000 dead. Saudi/Bush/Netanyahu/Blair Neocon project funds ISIS. The Washington Post stated they train them too. Turkey, France, Belgium, Australia, Qatar, UAE, Yemen, amongst the 46 corrupted nations signed on board for War with Syria are doing wrong. 
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