I phone 6 Still Being Made Under In Humane Conditions In China Sweat Shops

Working conditions endured by workers in the factories that produce the smartphone Apple have led to toxic environments and pollutants from screen cleaners and other chemicals used, leaving over 4 young kids with cancer who have diedAt least 13 workers in their late teens and early 20s have been diagnosed with leukemia after falling sick at the massive factory in Shenzhen since 2010 where about two million iPhones a week are made by an army of 230,000 migrant workers from across China. Five have died – and at ages when doctors say cases. of the blood cancer are rare.. Families and a labour welfare group believe the leukemia was caused by exposure to chemicals used to clean electrical panels and say many more workers could have been affected. Families of the victims said workers regularly used chemicals with only disposable plastic gloves and face masks for protection, were given little or no information about the potential dangers, and were not told which substances they were handling.

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They add that young workers who fall sick with leukemia are dismissed and denied continuing medical coverage, bankrupting families as they desperately pay for treatment. These buildings also have suicide nets around the them to prevent any workers from commiting suicide, some are so aweful the workers stand while working and urinate at their work stations into grates like cattle, so as to not lose anytime going to the bathroom .These are the slave workers tucked away on the other side of the world. Major companies from America have installed these systems overseas. America’s industry has plummeted leaving millions unemployed and their children lost in a void, while in Asia, young people are dying from poor working conditions and abuse. Al Gore holds a big share in Apple. Majority of people have no clue. The others don’t really care, feeling they can’t do anything about it. Boycott Apple. Stop supporting bastards and start reconnecting to Earth and the people around you.  The Global Movement

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