What is Wrong With Our Culture [Alan Watts]

The story is a good one.. an epic tale of generation after generation, having a human spirit for liberation. From the Natives to the Conquistadors, from Slaves to their Masters. It’s a global story. The struggle for freedom and equality by “Good Will” and Evolution for All. We are better than this. Many get lost in the Illusory material worldly affairs, lost behind thick painted on face, hidden deep behind lace. Greed and False Pride or Ego has got minute men noosed in ties around their necks, following busily for a dollar bill. People whore themselves out for a measly dollar.. they sell their souls for unquenchable desires. The illusion is the matrix system of life around you. The shadows of cruel slaughter factories, submissive ‘happy meal’ smiles on all members of state, and the silent genocide, are more than enough one can stomach. The Television lies programmed propaganda feeding volumes of murky thoughts to your ind. The mind is the third eye, the ‘Higher Self” in between the mess and distorted lights. Mutated consciousness, laughter in houses of torture and terror, evil’s temptation to put yours on a wayward wicked path indeed. Mystics and sages from around the world have warned us. Nature is always the right way. Genetically engineered abominations, mutated and distorted natures, plague our food supply. Civilization is in collapse from economics, to war, to natures own deadly wrath. Everything is connected ,”As Above So Below.”Our minds and hearts are related as oneness, electrical magnetics beyond the human shell. When we die, our shells stay behind. The light energy transforms. Will Power is grown over steady time, with focus and concentration to stay the path of good. Good Orderly Direction is Love. Love is the way. Be the light everyday 24/7 to all even in your worst days. Contemplation is questioning your thoughts and impulses. Be mindful. Spread Awakening, but do not help as to get your own hand cut. Educate all. 1d
The Global Movement

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