In the end people will judge you anyway, don't live your life impressing others, Live your life impressing yourself

Live the way you want to live, the faster you realise life is about expression and learning lessons, the sooner you can throw away the programmed thinking concept and start doing things you want to do. Not living the life you’re parents want to “live out” through you, or trying to be like someone else. You are an amazing entity, time to believe that, you are perfect in every way, a beautiful time to start being you. “Being you” means literally following your heart all of the way no matter how strange it feels at the time. Your heart already knows the outcome of your current situation in 2 weeks’ time, it has foreseen the future that you cannot yet wrap your head around, so trust it. Your mind can lead you astray, but your heart will always point you in the right direction through subtle energy signatures. The more you slow down and listen to your inner self the more profound the signs and directions become. Start with meditation and breathing in Prana. Once you start awakening things of the same vibration will gravitate towards you. Most importantly “don’t worry everything IS going to be alright” Nate Max

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