The ‘Fibonocci Principle’

The ‘Fibonocci Principle’ is represented by the sequence of mathematical numbers 1,1,2,3,5… which controls form manifestation (Matrix) in the dense world mimcking the Infinite (PI) Ratio.
In 72 years, the Sun apparently moves 1 degree upon the Zodiacal elliptic, from one constellation to another,which corresponds to the 72 names of ‘Holy God’ in the holy Bible.

As Tesla stated, The Keys to the Universe are in Mathematics. Everything is math, everything is vibration… Everything is light.

The great pharaoh Akhenaten long ago around 1350BC freed his people from corrupt systems, banished all corrupt dark priesthoods, and built a city of Armana or “Light.” Just as all the incarnated messengers, he too was betrayed & killed -by his wife Nefertiti, the priesthood, and General Hormheb who destroyed his city- brought back the dark courts in the largest hijacking. King Solomon shared a similar fate- nearly being erased from existence and the first Temple destroyed. The knowledge is the same “monotheistic” teaching from Egypt whence the early Israelites left under Moses who established Judaism- which even back then was totally corrupted. Abraham bore the sons and daughters of the Jews & Muslims, all the same system- same God. The religious traditions and secular labeling divides more than unites. Religion is totally corrupted in modern times. Everything is all messed up- been for a long time. No wonder people cant even figure out whats right and wrong. People are killing and sacrificing without looking at their actions- their anger, hate, unquenchable greed and lower mind vices. Wisdom is rarely taught leaving many good people wanting to do good but stuck in deceitful systems. Only a small percent are truly evil. It is simply systems missing of Good to balance out the wrong.
Akhenaten is the only royal king in Cairo to be left in a dark hallway to rot- outside of the Royal air conditioned Kings Room. These groups hate him still even today.
The Global Movement

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