Plant Medicine Survive viral attacks holistically

NO ONE ESCAPES viruses, no matter HOW rich and powerful & safe you think you are. Because pharmaceutical medicines simply can NOT stop viral infections. WHY ?? Because for decades we have been treating them like stupid little one-celled organisms that we can outsmart…. if we just spend enough money on “research”. But the FACT of the matter is– research has been “all about the money”, & NOT about peoples’ health-THAT, of course, is because nearly all governments worldwide are “in the pockets” of Big Pharma. The duty of any government is to take care of the commons, the People. But governments do NOT take care of the People. It takes care of the wealthy & powerful. And so the MILLIONS OF YEARS that Nature has been evolving a way for the plants and animals to take care of one another has been IGNORED. Ignored & vilified because this ancient knowledge does not make the rich richer.

PLANT MEDICINE is how you might be able to survive a viral attack. There is no miracle pill that a Medical Doctor (MD) can give you that will protect or “cure” you.
THINK ELDER, OSHA, LOMATIUM, Echinacea, Red root, Wild indigo, Poke, Andrographis, Boneset……… Spend a little time LEARNING about plant medicines & herbal anti-virals. Take Vitamins C and D from late fall till spring. Eat healthy, non-irradiated, non-GMO, pesticide-free, REAL FOOD !! Rearrange your priorities so that you spend less money on nail polish, designer jeans, & trips to the mall– & more on real food that will help you through the coming epidemics. MAKE SOUPS AND STEWS. STOP EATING POISON
Use “seasonal veggies”, as organic as possible, in your fall & winter cooking– carrot, parsnip, brussel sprouts, winter squash, beets, burdock.
Add sticks of Chinese astragalus, Codonopsis, Goji berries, Jujube dates, Reishi mushroom slices.

Give up the “diet” beverages sweetened with toxic chemicals. Take “bitters” before meals to help your digestion, help lose weight, & build your immune system. Simple stuff. Do it now– because after you’ve been infected, it will be too late. Contact your local #herbalist or look one up for guidance & aid in your healing journey. answers are there.

You can have the best diet in the world; all organic and pure. Your body may be fit and in good form, but if your mind is not right- none of it matters. Mind is what makes you… you. You are mind intellect, given the ability to question and reason. Our cultures and cities have transformed into a dark era for mankind ravaged by warrevolution  and mindlessness for the many. Mankind is out of balance. Harmony is off its beat plenty. The amount of good people are majorly here, but have been misguided and lied to quite honestly. There is only a small amount of truly evil dark people who want to see everyone in pain and suffering true to any demon. Light exists within everyone. We are literally stardust material and energy. That is all the ancients have every tried to reveal to us and globally… Everything can hurt you. Chlorestreal, heavy starch, sugar what are you going to eat?Nothing. It’s not always about what you eat, compared to how you are. What intentions you set and how strong your will is under pressure. Survival is one aspect, while self reliance creates focus & sustainability which is priority for life. “Good Will” is an electrical impulse, which expands into “Thought & Action”, providing the evolutionary plan. Only hate and destruction will bring darkness… and the apocalyptic end.

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