Your Intuition Is A Muscle. To Develop It, you Must Listen.

If one is eating great healthy organic foods and is super fit, but has a distorted consciousness, what’s the point? Mind is reason and questioning this place… this life. If one does not use it and simply follows behaviors to obey and conform as a slave to a master, coming out of school actually wanting a ‘good job’ or to be a slave day to day in life. So many throw so much away for a few shekels of silver. Glamour and material worldly affairs capture the minds of millions, as dark poisonous thoughts are pumped into veins of little ones. Every system has become corrupt. When the heads of the great holy temples of God are known for corruption and child pornography- there is a major problem in the world. This is a global human problem across all lands and creeded groups of religion or race. All are one humankind just spirit in human vessel shells experiencing material life in order to expand vital consciousness and attain ones higher self, which is possible. Everything we eat interacts and transforms in our bodies and digests into our blood, literally becoming what we are made of- our body shell. If it is dense of heavy metals and toxins it will perform out of balance. If thoughts are dark and murky thoughts, no light will liberate mind and no desire to change or evolve will be attained. Choice is all you have to do. Choose how you will behave and how you will take care of yourself, because no one else will for you. Positivity will guide, but it is you whom must find your way back up if you have fallen. It is much easier to fall than it is to climb up. Will power must be grown by you in order to do anything of any desire.

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