The Nate Max Water Filtration Device In Conjunction with Adya Clarity for "Pristine Drinking water"

The Nate max water filtration devices in conjunction with Black Mica Ionic sulphate minerals (Adya Clarity) are leading the way in water filtration Together they remove:

Black Mica CLeaning up a lake in Japan


%100 of the fluoride

%100 of the chlorine


Heavy metals

Industrial waste

Volatile compounds


Chem trail residue

These devices are free standing gravity fed units (needing no power to run them)

They are %100 bpa free and portable, it can be taken apart in a minute and put back into the original box it came with to be taken on holidays, put in a campervan or motor home, moved to an office ect


The magic of The Black Mica Minerals is through a process called “coagulation” it Restores water back to its pristine natural state, fresher than drinking water from a glacier.

Unlike reverse osmosis and ionizing machines which strip all the good trace minerals and enzymes from the water leaving you with essentially “dead water “which is only hydrating you nothing more.

Our food is the void of nutrition these days so it is super important that we get everything from our water to help offset the in-balance as much as possible.

What people don’t realise is that every single drop of water on the earth’s surface is contaminated, with pharmaceuticals and plastics. This is party to do with our water cycle, precipitation/evaporation carrying the polluted water around the globe in storms.  Water from dirty sources makes its way into vapour through evaporation up into the sky forming clouds, which gather more pollutants, chem trails, industrial waste, and then travels around the earth for thousands of miles and eventually rains on your room or in the dams which we then drink. All water now is degenerated and thus is de generates our health and cognitability.

Scientists went to the far out reaches of the north and south poles thousands of miles from any humans, where they found little lakes and ponds in the most pristine conditions. They found These bodies of water were contaminated and the little male fish swimming there, %80 are now females / transsexuals due to the contaminates in the 250 cleanest bodies of water known to man.

So regardless if you are deriving your water from, tap water, rain water, bore water or even bottle spring water from the shops (which is most cases is no better) filtering your water is a must for the health and vitality of you and your family.

Once you try water from this device you will immediately see the difference , not just in the taste but also a smooth silky feeling in your mouth, you will experience enhanced vitality.

You can physically watch the “coagulation process” take place. The tiny particle which are not visible to the naked eye, clump together through magnetism, they become heavy and fall to the bottom, at this stage they have become “inert” non-harmful to the human body and can be flushed out through the natural excretion process. In your case filtered through the Nate Max water filter and removed safely.


1 week of tap water filtered by Adya Clarity, Pic from Queensland water supply. Heavily contaminated water some of the worst i have seen Sydney is not far behind.
Now Fluoride

Fluoride is a heavy duty industrial waste BI product from the aluminium, nuclear, fertaliser and phosphate industries. HYDROFLUOROSILICIC acid is not naturally occurring (what they would like you to believe) and fluoride is the Name although it actually contains some  300 chemicals in it.

Basically fluoride is big corporations getting rid of their toxic waste cheaply, while medicating the public and spurring on cancer and disease which benefits big pharma and co indices with bill and Melinda gates global de-population agenda 21 eugenic program. “Soft kill” (Gmo, Fluoride, vaccines, chem trails)

Fluoride is a neuro toxin and is more poisonous then lead and only slightly less than arsenic.

So why are we drinking it??

Drinking Fluoride to prevent teeth decay is as RETARTED as drinking sun screen to prevent your skin being burnt by the sun. There are no real studies proving that fluoride actually prevents tooth decay what so ever, in fact in recent studies are showing that it actually makes teeth decay faster. Good teeth are derived from good oral health and hygiene, brushing teeth regularly, flossing and eating good food not processed crap and sugar. Animals have great teeth they don’t need fluoride why should we???



Tap water after 12 hours of “Coagulation via Adya Clarity ( contaminates clump together through magnetism “ionic minerals in Adya” then become inert and fall to bottom for filtration )


Flouride is so highly toxic that, when they used to bury it, the fluoride would leach into the river and kill the marine life and fish, it would give the livestock bone disease, arthritis and birth defects killing them slowly,  it killed the surrounding vegetation completely. To remove fluoride legally it costs around a million dollars a tonne to dispose of.

(Not a profitable adventure for big industries)


Fluoride calcifies the Pineal gland which is referred also as “seat to the soul” “eye of god” “psychic antenna” it’s what gives us humans our intuition and psychic ability. It’s our connection with the higher realms. The pineal gland is sacred, shown on wall carvings inside the ancient pyramids called “the eye of Horus” & many other civilisations. When the pineal gland is calcified it puts us into a “zombie state” lowered motivation, less energy, tiredness, less dreams, stops intuition, less imagination, lowers I.q, lowers testosterone in males, increases bone cancer by 7x, spurs neurological problems, learning difficulties in children and an added bonus is makes us infertile.

Hitler used to medicate his prisoners and dose the water supplies of towns he recently over threw with fluoride to dull them down enough so they that would not resist or fight back do you think Hitler really gave a crap about his prisoner’s cavities???

Not to mention it is an acid, which is the main cause of cancer, too much acid in the human body turns cancer receptor cells on, lowering acid in the body having an alkaline diet keeps them turned off. So drinking acid every day 365 days a year for healthy teeth just doesn’t add up right.

When you go to the dentist they use fluoride topically which I have no problems with, if you feel you need it them use it. At least you get the choice if you want it or not. Having it in the countries water supply is forced meditation. So is the amount acceptable for a baby the same as a full grown man?? There is no way of safely knowing just how much is going in the water and how much each person should be taking. If taking any at all. If in any doubt “take it out”

I hope this information has given you and in site to the issues with our water now days. For more information on Black mica, Adya Clarity, Fluoride go to and click on the related links for documentaries and movies.

Give us a call at the Nate Max Team on 0403 800 456 for orders and info.

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