Israel has declined to cooperate with the U.N human rights council because "it would find us guilty of war crimes"

11/13/14-Israel had officially declined to cooperate with the UN Human Rights Council committee’s investigation into the country’s 50-day ‘Operation Protective Edge’ over #warcrimes committed, saying it is obvious the probe will find it guilty.

The Israeli government refused entry to the investigation team on last Wednesday, which arrived in Jordan’s capital of Amman with plans to travel through Israel and into the Gaza Strip. The decision not to cooperate was due to the team’s “one-sided” view of the events, Haaretz reported, citing Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nachshon. The UN’s Human Rights Council made a decision stating Israel’s guilt of war crimes. Soon after the investigative committee was announced in August, Netanyahu blasted the idea. Nuts Netanyahu has been campaigning for war with Iran for years, as the old PNAC agenda and Israeli Clean Break of the Realm Act were both written by 9/11 neocon Paul Wolfowitz with stated goals being followed every year.
This showcases how murky and disgusting the hijacking Likud #Neocon elements in Israeli government have become. Israel bombed Gaza, nearly destroying it’s entire infrastructure, only power plant, billions in damage, over 2,100 dead, 100,000’s hurt, and millions suffering. The conditions are inhumane and blockaded away. The Gazan and Israeli Hebrew people are one and the same. Religion has nothing to do with killing— that’s something else entirely… that is demonic and of death and blood. In the name of religion war does rage. In the symbols of peace, bombings do happen. If the UN, who created the nation state which was consumed by powerful financial interests and European war hawks does not represent the Jewish people– what does it represent? If the UN can’t get it’s own creation to obey international law or bring justice to open war crimes– than who really won the war? The Will to Do Good does not mean allowing those of mutated consciousness to kill and destroy. Justice comes to all by the deeds all have done. Do Good and Spread light not hate, not division… #israel #occupy #truth #justice #gaza #palestien #un #ww2 #globalawakening #synagog #mosque 9h

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