"END GAME" by 2020

The 43 nations gearing up for operation “End Game” by 2020, are working off of the Neoconservative PNAC guidelines along with Israeli Clean Break from the Realm act, (both written by Paul WOLFOWITZ) and steered by Dick Cheney & Bush administration neocons, Netanyahu & his Likud political military party, along with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Yemen, Jordan, UAE, & other smaller Sunni nations across the Middle East who are funding & arming the fighting to destroy Shia Muslims in Syria/Iran for regional domination. Australia’s loser so-called leader sold out the nation to pick up the bill on every bombed dropped by the coalition in Iraq & Syria. France is widening its war in its old colonies in Africa- and mostly Mali.the US is bombing by drone from Colombia, Mexico, Turkistan, Yemen, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, while Israel, aided by the west drone bomb Lebanon, Gaza, Libya, & Syria. The US also began its AFRICOM mission, laid out by the Bush administration, across Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, the Central African Republic, and South Sudan, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Somalia and others. The “WAR ON TERROR” is growing into a quiet WORLD WAR, with media attention more on Racist news casting language, and prostitute so-called celebrities. People gobble it up. Majority have no idea how bad the situation truly is. Those awake must understand you can not do the role of the one in authority to lead. That is not your role. Hate only breeds hate. Those with mutated consciousness willfully doing wrong, causing unimaginable pain & suffering can be forgiven- but only after they surrender and return what they’ve stolen. All in the world can be allowed to evolve & truly thrive but every system to do so is broken, hijacked, or totally missing. Protest won’t do much good, but raise slight awareness to the zombies fast asleep with long gazes into virtual worlds in their glowing screens. Majority lack will, are stuck in glamour illusions of the material and worldly affairs, leading false egoic pride, & unquenchable greed to continue negative systems. Many have been brought up in involution totally deceived. Can you see?
The Globalmovement