Where ever you go, go with all of your heart.

The declining custom of writing thank you notes has some implied connection, but those social manners are more related to our sense of reciprocity than is reflected in our actual actions & awareness 24/7. Life is what you make it. Be thankful. Be mindful. Be aware of all your actions- how you respond and most importantly of your thoughts. Thoughts are live elemental energies. A simple ad or a persons laughter can quickly implant impulse thoughts which once you buy, consumes over awareness. The attainment of enlightenment is total awareness as an open silver vitality cord connects us in the astral planes and further mental planes of existence. “Thanks” in the Old Testament, or “Towdah” is most often connected with wrongful demonic animal sacrificial #thanksgiving “offerings” (Leviticus 22:29, 2 Chronicles 29:31). Many #thanksgivings occur around the world, as its not just to do with killing thousands of turkey’s & feasts with family & friends. #Thanksgiving was the means to celebrate the last #harvest of #food before #winter & the season of decay as the sun goes further away. Priests within the Hebrew Temple made #Thanksgiving as a day of God’s forgiveness for all the wrongful doings and corruptions. The day after #thanksgiving Israel was also declared an Independent state in 1948. This festivity of #thanksgiving stuck around with the Christians who moved from the sacrificial confession and formalized activities of the nation to personal confession of New Testament biblical dogma. Both #thanksgiving systems were from corrupted temples at their respected times and used for gathering power by the high political military so-called priesthoods. Over time the holiday became more about food and less about its original reasons. Many things are celebrated around this time which make it a global day in many nations. It is likely that most Christian families still “say grace” at meals, as Buddhists do daily to give the ethereal incense & aromas to the good helping spirits.
The attitude or Intent of thanks is more important than the act of thanks. Remember that.
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