Explain Success, money, material possessions or happiness

Most of the ””So Called Successful People””’ of the ”Physical Plane World” who are ”PROUD” of their ”VARIOUS ACHIEVEMENTS” acquired through ”Hook or Crook” which may include ”Material World Wisdom”, ”Accumulated Material Riches”, and ”Prestigious Society Posts”, ”Various Human Relationships” involving ”Family and Friends and Acquaintances” ……including ”Name and Fame”…………which is believed by them to be the ”Only Plane Of Conscious Existence” ……which most people Unfortunately WRONGLY consider during their ”’Short Lived Incarnated Lives”…and thus ”WASTE THE MOST PRECIOUS TIME OF THEIR SHORT LIVED HUMAN LIVES”….!!! Many a times ”Most People” of this Physical Plane belonging to various ”Faiths, Casts, and Creeds” living in different parts of this world may consider ”ALL” those other people as ”UNSUCCESSFUL”, who have accumulated LESS Material Plane Riches than them during their INCARNATED #HUMAN LIVES….and thus Truly ”FOOL THEMSELVES” living in ”Sheer Ignorance”, as CURRENTLY there are no ”MODERN UNIVERSITIES OR COLLEGES” like those of #ANCIENT TIMES, in which these ”SECRETS OF #UNIVERSAL #CONSCIOUSNESS ”, were gradually revealed to ”ASPIRING #STUDENTS ”, who wanted to ”Consciously Balance”, their other ”FORM BODIES” known as The Vital, Astral/Emotional, & intuitional wisdom mind, and BRING THE WHOLE ASPECT OF THEIR ”MONADIC EVOLVING EXISTENCE” Into ”TRUE COLLECTIVENESS”, Let me share a Secret with you all that WHEN AN INCARNATED HUMAN BEING APPEARS TO BE ”””LEAST INTERESTED”” IN MATERIAL RICHES of this Dense Physical Plane Illusory World of Planet Earth, but is ”MORE INTERESTED” in the ”SECRETS OF UNIVERSE” which hold the Entire HIDDEN WISDOM of THREE WORLDS – commonly referred to as the 3 DIMENSIONAL SEPHIROT’S then the ”Higher Self Consciousness” of that INCARNATED HUMAN BEING may be CONSCIOUSLY WORKING ON ITS DIMENSIONAL LEVEL to GET IN TOUCH WITH FURTHER HIGHER DIMENSIONAL LEVELS OF THE INFINITE #UNIVERSE , and thus for this basic reason takes ””’LEAST INTEREST”””’ in its PERSONALITY LIFE CONSCIOUS EXISTENCE RELATED TO MATERIAL DESIRES.
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