Shinto the largest religion in japan, connects to spirits and ether to do spiritual healings

Shinto is the largest religion in Japan, practiced by nearly 60% of the population. Shinto has 100,000 shrines and 20,000 priests in the country. Shinto priests directly connect to spirits and ether to do spiritual healings, as all world religious temples once include in their weekly sermons. Whereas “sacred space” shrines are open to all.
In old #Japanese legends, it is often claimed that the dead go to a place called yomi, an underground realm with a river separating the living from the dead mentioned in the legend of Izanami and Izanagi, similar to the Book of the Dead and Osiris rituals on the river in Egypt, or Greek Hades. The spirit exists bound in human form, and upon its death must leave through the dense physical body, the astral mind or lower emotions and desire mind, through the electric mind of reason and intuition, to our higher self which few are connected to and remember 24/7. The river depicts the “Astral Plane” or “Dream World” which the spirit must travel through.


The Shinto spirituality of native Japan was around before Buddhism around 500bc. The word Shinto (“path of the spirit”) was adopted, originally as Shindo, from the ancient written Chinese Shendao. shin”, meaning “spirit” or kami [Ka is the ancient Egyptian word for spirt] and and “tō”, meaning #spiritual path (from the Chinese word dào). The word is referring to the energy generating the phenomena of spirit/god/essences/ghosts which are unexplainable without spiritual science & wisdom. The Shinto understanding says the divinity manifests in multiple forms: rocks, trees, rivers, animals, places, and even people can be said to possess the nature of kami. The #kami reside in all things, but certain objects and places are designated for the interface of people and kami. There are natural places considered to have an unusually sacred #spirit about them, and are places of reverence. The shrine is a building in which the kami is enshrined (housed). It is a sacred space, creating a separation from the “ordinary” world. Mental space was used by all ancient magis of the east, to King Solomon’s magician circles, to the square “sacred space” at the top of Incan/Mayan pyramid temples, depicting a square or cube at the top where priests performed sacred duties. Those who understand “path of expression” or ka-nnagara know the divine, the human, and how people should live, focusing on sincerity (makoto), honesty (tadashii) and purity (kiyome). Spirit manifests in a duality, a male and a female function, with some forces being hermaphrodite (from the ancient Greek Hermes and Aphrodite) by nature, easily able to switch polarity.
Wrong deeds are called “impurity” (kegare), which is opposed to “purity” ( kiyome). Normal days are called “day” (ke), and festive days are called “sunny” or, simply, “good” (hare). If anyone is injured on the grounds of a shrine, the area must be ritually purified. Purification rites are the lifeblood of the practice of Shinto. New buildings made in Japan are frequently blessed by a Shinto priest during the groundbreaking ceremony and many cars made in Japan have been blessed as part of the assembly process. #Shinto is the largest religion in #Japan



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