The Truth Israel Doesn’t want to tell: E.U. take’s HAMAS of terror list

Gaza Destruction 2x Worse than reported


The EU’s External Action Service said an EU court’s decision earlier in the day taking Hamas off the EU’s terrorist list was a legal, not a political decision, that will likely be appealed. Unlike mass TV (majorly controlled by Israeli neocon hijackers) which only vilify all Muslims in Palestine, the truth has been seeping out around the world about just what Israel is and its not what many think. Democracy is literally outlawed, with Netanyahu dissolving the elected parliament recently (new elections in March) due to his council standing up for just cause and reason.
Five months ago the world watched in horror as the bully of the Middle East, Israel, launched the most brutal massacre on the Palestinians of Gaza since the Nakba (perhaps more brutal, Palestinian friends in Gaza have said). Lasting over twice as long as the 2008-09 war on Gaza (formerly the most-brutal massacre since the Nakba), and killing over 800 more Palestinians than in the attack six years ago, the July-August 51-day offensive killed 2,131 Palestinians and injured over 11,000, and destroyed tens of thousands of homes, buildings, businesses, hospitals, Gaza’s only power plant and other key components of Gaza’s infrastructure.

Worldwide, protesters, journalists of integrity called the bombardment of Gaza genocidal (as Israeli officials and politicians called for genocide), but you’d never know on mass tv spin doctors.
As with prior military operations, the Israelis in 2014 targeted water and sewage lines, electricity networks, hospitals, primary health centers, ambulances and medics, bridges and major roads, key governmental buildings, schools and universities.They went further and attacked water, electricity and sanitation personnel. Israel has since been free to lock-down all of Gaza and bomb whenever the whim occurs, with no fear of any Israeli loss of life. The Israelis have waged wars against Gaza every year or two since pulling their colonists out. The stated plan is to maintain an open prison until enough land is stolen to clear out all Muslims from Palestine. The 106,000 Palestinians rendered homeless face cold rains and flooding.
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