Everything Is Vibration and Frequency

All is light. All color is, is light in different vibrations. Everything is frequency. We are not the crude dense physical plane only, as majority forgets. You can not take anything out of here with you upon death. Only the spirit leaves the body, that 21 grams dissipating the body, as our ‘silver cord’ gets cut. The thin thread which connects everyone to their higher soul self often is so murky, no clear connection can be seen. Darkness is nothing compared to a flicker of light, which can extend quickly and brightly. We are made of stardust literally. We are literally animated light in dense physcial bodies or shells, like a car to be used and often are used by other forces. We are spirit. We are etheral. Universal vitality “energy” which animates “life” as our body in motion, is cut upon death. 3 to 15 days the etheral consciousness and sub levels of spirit dissipate. The magnetic liquid plane of emotions and desires often bound many in illusory states. Dense mind is binding as is lower self. Matter is light in its densest form. Departed spirits or ‘ghosts’ are partial matter bound by the ‘unseen’ planes. The astral or dream world is the desire mind, which is why it relates to passions, and ‘feelings’. Feelings will guide, when the heart is pure.