100 years have passed since the First World War WW1 began, but war rages on post 9/11 worldwide.

100 years have passed since the First World War WW1 began, but war rages on post 9/11 worldwide. The largest crisis of 2014 started a New Cold War 2.0 when a protest against corruption turned violent in Ukraine. US backed mercenaries stormed congress as outside snipers shot protestors and military alike during the Euromaidan which saw many die during the cold winter battles. A full out war grew out of the chaos as the new Kiev military force backed by the IMF continued to join NATO and murder Russian speaking civilians in the East, which is ongoing today. Russia’s fleet in Crimea was under attack by the west, seeking to totally remove it. A massive propaganda war unlike anything we’ve seen in modern times expanded against Russia and its allies by the Neocon Warhawks. MH17 blew up over the battle in Ukraine, as western media immediately blamed Russia. It now looks like the new Ukrainian government are responsible as initially thought by those following the details. False media reports of Russia invading Ukraine circled, were dispelled and then re-emerged again, confusing the public as to what was really happening. Huge military alignments on both NATO’s side and Russia’s side transformed the world order, splitting the world apart, while the new BRICS banking system which challenges the IMF World Banking system continues the rift. Germany continued to build the European Army which will complete in 2015. Vietnam’s weapons embargo was lifted the first time since 1971, as the US began arming its new allied nations. Cuba was opened up for trade and business as corporations try to take over. Pakistan collapsed internally. Azerbaijani and Armenia stood at the brink of war. The Pentagon sent tanks to Bulgaria and the Baltics for the first time since the Cold War. The NYPD opened a branch in Israel . AFRICOM set up it’s second Drone base in Africa . Brazil banned masks as Spain banned protests.