Australia Is So Hot A New Colour Was Added To Measure It, The Universal Pulse Known As "Schumann Resonance" is Speeding up in Frequency 7.83 Hertz

Record breaking snowfall and below freezing temperatures took over not just America, freezing the Great Lakes totally, but all around the world record flooding, huge hurricanes, and record breaking earthquake numbers rose dramatically. The weather patterns have changed and everyone has noticed. We are in the Sixth massive extinction according to scientists, who are watching habitats erode and animals die off in huge numbers. Not everything is being reported from every corner of the world, but change is occurring in big ways. Hundreds of thousands of animals died off in Australia’s major heat wave, as tens of thousands of crops and animals froze to death in America. Chicago’s temperature became colder than the South Pole. Australia became so hot that a new color was added to the weather charts to show it. Earthquakes have doubled in 2014 as the Earth’s magnetic field has weakened 10 times faster than normal. California saw the greatest water loss ever in a deadly drought which is ongoing. 400,000 rallied in #NYC for the #ClimateMarch which saw people come together to share new solutions and new systems of living which does not harm the #earth .
Global Weather Change or climate change is not just an earthbound transformation. The planets are all having their global warnings and massive changes like Venus’s temperature, or the strength of Saturn’s field weakening its rings, or the entire universal pulse known as the #Schumann #Resonance , discovered earlier by Nikola #Tesla himself, is literally speeding up in frequency, normally 7.83Hertz. The game is over.
Everything is finished. The corrupt will not return nor surrender what stolen knowledge they took and stolen funds hijacked- so under the “Will To Do Good” it is being wiped out. All can be done is rise to high self or high consciousness mind, continue to follow the universal law #WillToDoGood share what you learn with others and do good upon yourself and upon to others. Be wise.