Victories Across the World: Peru begins operation of providing Free Solar Panels to 2 million of its poorest, Texas stops water Fluoridation, GMO Justice for Hawaii

2014 saw #Peru begin operations of providing Free #Solar Panels to 2 million of its poorest. This trend reached globally, as the Common People Party of #India started a similar program to provide free #water and solar made electricity to its people who are in dire needs. There are good people who are using the money available not just for selfish gain but for their people; they just are not talked about, but it is happening. #Dallas , #Texas stopped Water Fluoridation after 5 decades of poisoning its people, stating it Is toxic. The First ever #Food study on dyes in brand name foods reveled shocking facts that the amount of ingredients added nearly tripled in just 15 years, causing more and more children to become sick with allergies and lower immunity. A worldwide #holistic #health movement has continued to grow strong, as no real nutrition classes are allowed in schools, no doctors get trained on it; despite thousands of years of knowledge of simple cheap healing techniques. #Germany abolished university tuition fees, giving free education along with free #healthcare . Superhuman abilities were confirmed by #NASA as #sungazing turned out to be real legit ways of consuming energy without eating or drinking as science has traditionally taught. Dr. #Emoto of #Japan died leaving the world with scientific studies of water and the role it plays as it holds memory and changes form based upon emotion. As #Human beings are made mostly of water it has made many think about how they behave and act. #Hawaii won major battles with #GMO companies like #Monsanto who use their islands as testing grounds. The US “NoFly” list was ruled unconstitutional. #Kyrgyzstan banned all #GMO products, plants and imports.