In Crystals We Have The Clear Evidence Of A "Formative Life Principle"

The plant kingdom of this world, having the higher aspect of the ‘desire mind’ than the mineral kingdom, through their developed various ingenious ways, attracts bees and other flying insects, to carry on their pollens, so that the evolutionary ‘life’ can be properly materialized through procreation in the plant kingdom. With the development of variety of fruits, which may suit the taste of variety of birds and other animals, who thus gets attracted to them, and by eating them, they thus carry on their seeds to far away places, so that new life having vital consciousness can manifest itself again in their ‘Plant Kingdom’.
In the next higher visible kingdom of this manifested world, known as the ‘Animal Kingdom’, the desire mind related to the dimensional sphere of ‘Yetzirah” [Astral plane of feelings and emotional desires], is much more stronger than the previous lower ‘kingdom of plants’, as their astral bodies related to their mind desires known as ‘passions’, start properly functioning corresponding to their subjective level of reasoning, which relate to safeguarding themselves to exist in the material world.
The top most kingdom of the animal kingdom is known as the ‘human kingdom’, which is a separate kingdom of human beings having their own individual mind attributes known as their ‘individualized personalities’, always immersed in mental desires by utilizing their mental abilities related to their desire mind. During their incarnated lives most humans have little awareness about their astral bodies which exist in the dimensional sphere of “Yetzirah”, and most of them unconsciously use them during their sleep, when their consciousness still attached to their physical material bodies with a radiant coiled energy cord temporarily float out on the magnetic currents of the interpenetrating dimensional sphere of “Yetzirah”, which is commonly termed by them as the ‘dream world’. This radiant energy cord appears as a tunnel with a radiant light on the other end, to all those who have a near death experience