There Are More Than 450 Pesticides On Your Plate!!!

93% of Americans tested by the CDC had metabolites of chlorpyrifos — a nuerotoxic insectide — in their urine. This chemical has been banned from home use because of its risks to children. Chlorpyrifos is part of a family of pesticides (organophosphates) linked to ADHD. 99% of Americans tested positive for DDT degradants, even though DDT hasn’t been used in the U.S. since 1972. Women who were exposed to DDT as girls are 5 times more likely to develop breast cancer.

If we were to look at even ONE of these chemicals and its effects on the human body, let alone its ramifications for use long term in the environment, we are looking at a SERIOUS problem. Compound this level of devastation with the fact that we are using ever-more #herbicides and #pesticides (with the USDA and FDA rubber stamping new concoctions proposed by biotech almost bi-annually) and you can see that we are literally under weaponized chemical warfare as a nation.

If you live or work within 500 feet (1,000 feet for aerial applications) of any outdoor area treated with pesticides (including businesses, homes, farms, forestland, institutions, and public spaces), you are severely at risk.

How can GMO-supporters argue that GM crops are safe now?



Putting the transgenic technology into food has allowed most genetically modified crops to exist, but perhaps even more alarming about continuing to plant genetically modified seed – is the amount of pesticides consumed directly from them. THIS IS THE BIGGEST ISSUE WITH GMO’S NOT DISCUSSED or NOT UNDERSTOOD.

The fact is that over 99% of GMO acreage is engineered by chemical companies to tolerate heavy herbicide (glyphosate) use and/or produce insecticide (Bt) in every cell of every plant over the entire growing season- alone should cause any level headed scientist or farmer or human being to take note. “Pesticide Use on Genetically Engineered Crops” and published by Dr. Ramon J. Seidler, Ph.D., former Senior Scientist at the EPA proves that more than 80% of the ‘staple’ crops in the US are planted with GM varieties of corn, soy, and cotton. Are you one of the Millions all eating a big heaping helping of those herbicides and pesticides? Serious health consequences will occur in anyone on this diet at some point in life. But they dont need to suffer.

The USDA writes: “Genetically engineered (GE) varieties with pest management traits became commercially available for major crops in 1996. More than 15 years later, adoption of these varieties by U.S. farmers is widespread and U.S. consumers eat many products derived from GE crops—including cornmeal, oils, and sugars—largely UNAWARE that these products were derived from GE crops.” Whether one agrees if GM seed itself is safe, the use of systemic insecticides, which coat GMO corn and soy seeds and are incorporated and expressed inside the entire plant, has exploded in the last ten years. This is a major WARNING for those who have children especially or are pregnant, as the food additives, pesticides, dyes and undigestable oils and sugars in food-like-products today are hundreds of times more powerful than they were just 20 years ago.