How ORGANIC "MICRO-FARMS" Are Changing Our Food Supply

It is becoming more apparent that we need to begin reclaiming our food supply through small-scale, wide-spread farming practices. We can no longer rely on Big #Food to supply us with the nutritious food we need, and we certainly can’t rely on mega chemical companies like #Monsanto to feed us with their genetically modified creations. This is why countless communities are embracing the giving art of local #farms and supporting local food businesses. One Incredible Edible park in Irvine, California, formerly 7.5 acres of wasted space, is now an edible park that feeds 200,000 people every month!

As our elders pass this information to younger generations, we are ensuring that our food sovereignty continues. Indeed, small-scale, diversified farming is seeing a resurgence it hasn’t experienced for a long time, with often surprising participants. Just imagine raising a vegetable garden right in front of your local police station, and not a single officer inquires about what you are doing. Or, plucking a few cherries from outside your doctors’ office before you go in for an annual check-up. How about harvesting some apples and pears from along a canal path? Life is missing community and FOOD from our community.
There are over 70 #community gardens scattered around Todmorden, West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, and the residents there are encouraged to take fresh fruit and vegetables as they are inclined. Free food. Hunger is NOT a problem if this method spread to all cities. This is EXACTLY what the UN noted “Only Small #Farmers and Agroecology Can Feed the World”. Schools, non-profits, and activist groups are teaching people how, even from urban areas, to hoe a row, plant seeds at the most optimum time, and how to fix a broken-down tractor. Food connects people together from the earth to the plate at the table. Community is what unites, and clean #natural plant based food will continue to progress us forward. #Biotech leads the way with issues that affect our food supply on a #global scale. Big Ag farming concentrates the market-share among a small handful of companies, removing price discipline. Big Ag farming gives lobbyists control over our food supply.