DEC 16 2014 Australian full-scale assault by parra military "public theatre" event

December 16 2014, A 16-hour police siege of an inner #Sydney café culminated in a full-scale assault by para-military commandos just after 2 a.m., leaving two hostages dead, as well as the lone hostage-taker. The bloody outcome also left many unanswered questions about the entire incident, including the fatal decision to storm the building.

#Police and security officials kept reporters far away from the scene throughout the siege, making it impossible to view what happened, but long-distance footage showed heavily-armed units storming the building, firing stun grenades and semi-automatic weapons. Just minutes earlier, at least 5 of the 17 hostages fled the building, as did 5 last night.
Soon after the siege was ended, Prime Minister Tony #Abbott issued a statement commending the “courage and professionalism” of the police and other emergency services involved.

While sensational media headlines proclaimed that “Islamic State terrorism” had arrived in Australia, the police and intelligence agencies closely monitored the sole hostage-taker, a self-proclaimed cleric Man Haron Monis, for years and knew he had no actual links to the Islamic State of #Iraq and #Syria #ISIS .

Monis, 50, clearly a deeply-troubled individual, had a long history of being harassed and kept under surveillance by the police and the #Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO). He had staged numerous one-man protests outside courts in Sydney, alleging victimisation by ASIO and the police, and torture in prisons. Monis was also on bail, under strict daily reporting conditions, on a series of police charges.

Monis, who only this week claimed on his web site to have converted from #Shiite Islam to #Sunn i, did not fit the much-hyped media and government profile of a young “lone wolf” supposedly attracted to join ISIS.

Nevertheless, the siege was seized upon by the federal and state governments, and the police, intelligence and military agencies, to activate “counter-terrorism” and “emergency” protocols. A massive operation was launched, using the siege as a pretext to test out plans for martial law-style responses to social or political disturbances.


A few weeks before NATO nation #France had its attack , Australia may have well been working with the presstitutes at #FOX news- that’s how bad, the made for TV event, which not connected to ISIS, was propagated to change laws, militarize the nation and bring WAR home. There is no security but false security and fear. Freedom & liberty will only die in this “War of Terror”. #Abbott told reporters that #Australia suffered a “brush with terrorism,” yet admitted that Monis was well known to #police and intelligence authorities. Media magnate Rupert #Murdoch set the tone for his outlets’ inflammatory coverage, issuing two tweets this morning. He directly linked the #Sydney siege to the “war on terrorism,” which has become a vehicle for endless #war abroad and continuous escalation of the powers and resources of the security apparatus at home.
According to the #Australian newspaper, security authorities locked down #Parliament House in Canberra and security was stepped up at public buildings, embassies and military bases.