Many different species of animals either live a very long time or do not die of old age.  Some examples are the tortoise & lobster species that live to be over 130 years old naturally and don’t usually die unless they get sick or are killed.

urlAfter we grow up our cells eventually stop self replicating.  A scientist named Leonard Hayflickfigured out that each of our cells divide about 50 times and then they stop.  Once all of our cells stop replicating we start to deteriorate and then eventually die.  This discovery showed that we are actually programmed to die biologically.

Scientists everywhere are on a search for the secret to reprogram our cells so that we can bypass this rule and find a way to stop humans from dying of old age.  Check it out!

According to the research on worms and mice, changing our genetic codes can lengthen our lives.  There are very specific genes in our body that cause us to grow, and other genes that help us maintain our health and fight off diseases.  After we are full grown adults we should be able to shift the energy from our growing genes and into our maintenance genes which in turn would double our life span.

imagesAs you heard in the video above, studying lifespan takes a long time and it may be a while before scientists are ethically or technologically able to safely change the genes in a human to help us live longer.  So in the mean time staying active & healthyare the best secrets we have found to help encourage long and happy lives.

When it comes to your diet take a look at your calorie intake.  According to scientists excessive calories reduces the lifespan in mice.   Is it possible that we are eating more than we need?  Could excessive eating be shortening our lives?  If you look at the obesity epidemic in the 1st world countries you can see that we are probably consuming more than we need.  Perhaps trimming the excess calories can help us live longer and healthier lives.

The last thing I wanted to show you was this picture I found circulating on the web.  I wanted you to check it out as an interesting theory and see what you thought.


This picture appears to be showing a path where through the consuming of better and higher frequencies of energy you can be more connected with light and potentially be happier and healthier.

Now don’t run off and start drinking only fluid in the hopes that you will become enlightened.  I am sure that if this is more than just a symbolic representation of our dependence on light, oneness, or divinity, there would have to be a lot of scientific prep to make this possible in humans.  Perhaps this picture is showing the evolution of humanity as a whole.  What do you think?

I would also love to hear your thoughts in the comments below about the ageing process, death, dying, health, nutrition & the science/spirit connection.



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