HUNGARY Commits To GMO Free Crops / Costa Rica Rules GMO Unconstitutional

In an act of defiance against GMOs and #biotech at large, #Hungary has once again made a move against Big Biotech. In an attempt to make the entire #EU European Union free from #GMO crops, Hungary will initiate a joint alliance of European Union member states rejecting the use of GMOs in farming. Hungary also joined Russia’s stance against the US for creating the #ukrainian #euromaidan and forcing #Ukraine to using #monsanto gmo crops first time ever.

#Hungarian farm minister Sándor Fazekas said the countries committed to GMO-free farming must form an alliance because “we would like to keep our #food and our environment #healthy and we are convinced that the agriculture of the EU and Hungary can remain competitive with conventional crop production.” As one following GMO #news might suspect Hungary’s interests stem from the EUs recent decision to allow individuals member states to institute GMO bans. The right for European states to legally ban genetically modified crops has taken a major step forward, without the interference of big companies with vested interests. Parliamentarians sided with the majority of European citizens who are concerned about GM crops and voted for better EU laws to protect the environment and promote genuinely sustainable farming.

In the past, Hungary has taken a bold stand against biotech giant Monsanto and genetic modification by destroying 1000 acres of maize found to have been grown with genetically modified seeds. Unlike many European Union countries, Hungary is a nation where genetically modified (GM) seeds are banned.



Here’s some powerful news you may have missed buried amid the footnotes of major news websites: Costa Rica’s Supreme Court has formally declared the nation’s #GMO approval process to be highly ‘unconstitutional.’ In what amounts to great #news in the fight to regain the global #food supply, the #Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of #CostaRica struck a blow against #Monsanto and other major #biotech firms in their recent ruling regarding the #secrecy of the approval process itself. According to Chief #Justice Gilbert Armijo Sancho, who actually authored the final verdict for the court, the nation’s current approval process for the planting of GMOs is veiled in ‘secrecy’ and directly goes against the constitutional right to #freedom of information.

This sounds a lot like a much less-deceiving version of Monsanto’s approval process here in the United States. Outside of virtually worthless ‘safety’ testing funded by biotech itself, the #USDA has even gone on public record in announcing that they will in fact be rolling out a ‘speedy approval’ process for the new lines of genetically modified seeds and creations.

Could it be any more obvious that the USDA is in bed with Monsanto?

In regards to Costa Rica, where we must remember that a precedent has been set, all of this actually came from a 2012 complaint that ended up in the Supreme Court. Anti-GMO organizations are excited, and it really shows what you, the individual, can actually do to change the planet’s food supply.
This guarantees that the procedures to authorize GMOs from now on will be accessible to all individuals, which will allow opposition that guarantees the cultivation of these crops will not disrupt the balance of ecosystems or the public health,” the Costa Rican Federation for Environmental Conservation stated in regards to the ruling.

Will the highly secretive and downright in-your-face corrupt approval process for GMOs in the United States soon face a similar ruling? With Monsanto-connected Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas partaking in any such decision, it seems highly unlikely. After all, he has continually sided with his buddies over at #Monsanto again. #organic