Millions Of GMO Insects Set For Release In Florida Keys / GMO Pineapples Courtesy Of Del Monte

Never before have insects with modified DNA come so close to being set loose in a residential U.S. neighborhood.

As #war wages over the genetic modification of the #food supply, mega #biotech companies like #Oxitec have already begun launching campaigns to release millions of #GMO insects in the #Florida Keys region that have been cross-bred with the herpes simplex #virus and E. coli bacteria. This brings awhile new way of warfare along with its strange Frankenstein science experiments. Oxitec says a test in #Brazil was already done without research, and now globalist countries want larger-scale projects. Yikes! Oxitec has now released 70 million of its mosquitoes in several countries.

With petitions against the release already amassing 130,000 signatures, #British researchers are currently seeking government approval to initiate the unprecedented release. It was back in December of 2014 that these #mosquitoes were already being shipped inside the United States, showing the confidence of the biotech lobbyists and researchers that they are in fact going to be granted the stamp of approval by the #fda Food and Drug Administration to release the #GMO insects.

With the seemingly-imminent roll out of GMO pigs alongside the release of genetically modified insects within the United States, it is now obvious that the new war over the supply exists not only over staple crops and seeds — but the oncoming wave of genetically augmented #animal and #insect life.

Would you be concerned with being stung by a genetically modified mosquito? A brave new world is ahead of us all…. #1984 #bravenewworld #truth #yikes #wow #floridakeys #monsanto #organic #vegan #vegetarian #nature #nutrition #warning

new delmost

Del Monte, one of the world’s largest growers and distributors of the popular tropical pineapple fruit, has developed a genetically modified #pineapple that’s currently being grown in #CostaRica , one of the top pineapple-producing countries. It has just received approval by the #USDA for eventual sale in the U.S.

Called “Rosé”, representatives for #DelMonte say the #GMO #fruit is still in a testing phase: “The USDA’s decision does not mean that #Rosé is in commercial distribution; it is in a testing phase. Del Monte intends to continue to test Rosé and will communicate more details when appropriate,” Dennis Christou, vice president of marketing in North #America for Del Monte said in a statement, adding that, “Del Monte Fresh Produce has a very active research and development program designed to explore new varieties and new agricultural techniques. The results of these research projects may or may not lead to commercialization depending on many factors including regulatory approvals by the relevant governmental authorities where and when applicable.” ***THIS JUST IN:::: Costa Rica’s Supreme Court has formally declared the nation’s GMO approval process to be highly ‘unconstitutional.’ #organic #food #monsanto #truth #occupy #vegan #vegetarian #nutrition #health #healing #nature 1h