The Truth About Immunity “No Virus Can Harm You If You Have Immunity”

It is a widely held belief that all someone needs to do to contract an infection, such as one caused by a #virus is to come into contact with an infected patient. However, it’s important to realize that these pathogens are only able to successfully invade and take hold within our bodies if our #immune systems are weak. No #flushot …no #vaccine is required if you know how to eat & detox. Thankfully, there are countless ways to boost #immunity and fend off #disease but you wont hear that from most #doctors . Its important to educate yourself on how to detox, sweat out toxic buildup with herbal spices & daily nutrition. A little #earthing goes a long way too. One of these ways being to increase production or intake of mannose-binding lectins found in leeks, nettle and other green plants.
Once a virus penetrates a cell, it wreaks havoc by hijacking the DNA and RNA in order to turn the cell into a virus-cloning factory.

There are multitudes of studies showing that mannose binding lectins (MBLs) are associated with infectious and other diseases. Research has found that low levels of MBLs are associated with a higher rate of infections from tuberculosis and sepsis to candida, & influenza.
Processed foods, Smoking, oxidative stress such as fuel exhaust, deplete MBLs while factors such as high vitamin D levels are linked with a higher concentration. Eat real #organic #food and remember to #breathe and don’t let anyone break your will to make you worry or rush in fear. Be strong. This is your life. No one will take care of you but you. Since our #healthcare system is a total failure as well as #education #school you will have to grow your own desire to learn and seek knowledge. Its there for those with eyes to see and ears to listen. You don’t have to get colds or be sick, and certainly not the flu or worse. Take care of your body. What you eat effects your mind. The blood of any animal carries with it the fear in its death- its negatively charged and only depletes immunity allowing poor diet and bad environments to work even more against you. Don’t believe me though- learn for yourself. #truth #vegan #vegetarian