Homemade veggie burger,here are my tips and tricks to making them clean, hearty and delicious.

Everyone knows they should eat their veggies and eating them in burger-form is a delicious way to do it. But before you eat just any veggie burger, make sure you know what’s in it. Many veggie burgers, especially processed ones, have tons of sodium, bad oil, preservatives, and processed ingredients. If you read the labels, some burgers have over twenty ingredients. Some even contain harmful toxins such as hexane. That can undo the healthy choice you’re trying to make. While there are a few packaged veggie burgers that have healthy ingredients, the best bet is to make your own. When you make your own burgers, you get to choose the ingredients including how much sodium, fat and fiber is in them. You can make your veggie burgers as light or hearty as you want and you get to choose the flavor profile. Nothing is as good as the healthy, homemade veggie burger. Here are my tips and tricks to making them clean, hearty and delicious.

1. Use Beans and Legumes: Beans and legumes are some of the most amazing foods we can eat. They are healthy, filling and a hearty addition to many dishes. #Beans and legumes are economical and a great value for your money, especially if you buy dried beans. They are convenient, easy to cook and easy to store.

2. Use Lots of Veggies: You can make burgers out of almost any vegetable.

3. Add Whole Grains: The next time you make #burgers skip the breadcrumbs and add brown rice, quinoa, barley or oats. If your recipe requires flour, use whole-grain flour like whole wheat or keep it gluten-free with #chickpea flour or #quinoa flour.
4. Go Nuts: Adding chopped nuts and seeds to a burger can add texture but they also raise the amount of #protein and healthy fat making your burger even healthier.

5. Bake Them: While it’s faster to pan-fry your veggies burgers, baking them is a healthier option.

There’s no point in making a healthy burger just to put it on a bun filled with refined flours, sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. If you want your burger on bread, choose whole-grain breads and buns.

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