There are to many people counting calories and not enough people counting chemicals

Let’s just eat plastic. Who needs organic- who cares if it’s synthetic- lets just destroy ourselves just enough to always be sick. Be a good slave and be a worker bee. Don’t mind the shadows behind the curtains. Who needs knowledge anyway? There’s people out there who actually will defend eating pesticides (which are in all GMO), poison in light doses but toxic poison especially for newborns & children growing. It’s no joke but who am I to open your eyes? Only a true seeker oh higher wisdom can obtain strong Will only through desire of its kind. No one can see they sell food other no regulars or nutrition & heal in hospitals with no regard for food. The whole Ponzi scheme obliterating its fascist distorted nature like black soot & swirls of gasoline pouring down the neck into the veins of little ones. No care, no caution, no compassion for you or me. That’s what this is all about. America is the only nation in the entire world whose currency says “IN GOD WE TRUST” as the sin is GREED, self illusioned false egoic pride devoid of love and wisdom. What’s a few thousand dead over time- just animals given a number- just pushed around. The kings of Wall Street have overthrown Democracy & the very idea of Freedom & Peace through Understanding. The Universal Law is “THE WILL TO DO GOOD”. And we got wild cats out there “in the name of the Most High” killing each other- totally consumed in lower mind desire impulse feeling- not even a capacity to listen let alone understand to grow by the evolutionary plan set in motion upon all kingdoms.
You are a human being. Your body in the physical dense world is but a form or a shell holding energy. Vital energy animates the form. The higher mind & lower self two ethereal matter, light in its denser form. Your heart is a magnet- intuition is guidance in contemplative thinkers who 24/7 live the universal law. Don’t let lower mind thoughts bind you in sex, beer, work, sleep etc. higher mind rests amongst thy soul- the power within is greater than any one know. You must use your inner eye to understand.
What you eat effects you electrically & if wrong can fog thy mind. Anyone claiming spirituality do not eat meat.


Origions Film amazing watch for the whole family. This message is so powerful a must watch!!!!