Big Pharma, CDC and Media Making Massive Push To Forcefully Vaccinate Every One

What kind of cure gives you over 20 new side-effects? Its not even hidden- it openly is written your liver may be damaged, you may get urinary infections, chest pains, headaches, dizzy, and even death… But people without questioning, without reading, eat it up and even defend consuming vaccines & drugs with little to no testing, despite major warnings of possible death upon injection, like the young girl who recently died from a flushot. The conversation is not an “anti-vaccine” or “pro-vaccine” point of view- rather a simple question about safety not just for the self- but everyone. This is all. If we know things are so toxic, and there is data showing death tolls from it- why behave like its the only way?
After the CDC & NIH both exposed this years flu shot as ineffective, whistleblowers at the CDC exposing fraud, and many waking up to the harsher reality if depending on drugs big pharma is in media propaganda mode to recover. A recent CNN headline read: “The money behind the anti-vax movement”. This headline, which was featured on #CNN during host Carol Costello’s time slot, is absolute insanity as dangerous vaccines are now literally pushed onto the populace by big #pharma and the CDC in a full-on #propaganda campaign war, directed against the general public’s free will and right to medical autonomy.

In fact the headline should rather have read quite the opposite. Something to the effect of: “The money behind big pharma’s push to vaccinate the general public”. #Costello further shilled-out for the establishment as part of her paid job raising a question to a so-called doctor. “Isn’t the only way to counter this [the anti-vaxxer] movement to make it illegal not to vaccinate you children?”, Costillo asked.

The National Vaccine Information Center in Vienna, Virginia, has noted a strong association between the #MMR #vaccine and #autistic features. Even the #FDA formally released this info (little to late) in 1999. Its no secret. Autism has grown at an annual rate of 10 to 17 percent since the late 80’s.
The pesticides in foods don’t help. People should be changing our entire healthcare system not blindly obeying big pharma. They lie. A lot.