Let us take a moment to breathe

Let us take a moment to breathe. We have to think in all our diversities, there is #peace through understanding. We all are aware that #America has been plundered in mankind’s greatest heist- making a system in the hands of just a few. Only 5 major corporate media moguls exist giving the “thoughts” to millions. Just five. #Monsanto practically is the FDA. The cable companies own the FCC. Congress with “Citizen’s United” is bought & paid by the makers of war, the billionaire oil kings causing destruction & polluting us all despite modern innovations which already exist to free us & continue evolution collectively. The dark future of “Re-Segregation” is starting in schools amongst the “haves & have nots”. This wealth gap is historical never maybe ever before seen in the global age. We must understand America is in decline, its under condemnation. It once stood for something real, something good, something pure. The torch bearers of light were the ones who sparked divine innovation which electrified the world & interconnected you & me. When we reduce the “Will to do Good” there is no good left at all. Suffering are people coast to coast, towns totally ghost of life. Only two weeks after 9/11 China was introduced into the WTO. Most people don’t know that because of all 9/11 was going on. Bush began “the New American Century” written up by international corporate neoconservative warhawks and their puppet helpers.
Knowing full well the system is totally gone bad on self destruct- we are going to accept nothing forced by this negative system. If a child is vaccinated than you’ve nothing to worry about your child. It should hypothetically be immune with its vaccination. However, lacking entirely from public education- “Nutritional Healing 101” which the food industry doesn’t abide, & the healthcare system doesn’t know. Nutritionist’s come out of doctorates without ever been taught actual nutrition! That’s the truth. Could it be that we are being lied to like everything else from the Iraq War to Weapons of Mass Destruction?
Let’s force everyone to get cables inserted in the back of their heads- lets just directly let the most corrupt have total control. How about no