The Koch Bros. Owners of Koch Engineering which stands for PROFIT beyond anything else want to eliminate MINIMUM WAGE

The Koch Brothers, David & Charles are trying to get rid of the United States Government by purchasing politics… and openly stamping out the poor people. Fred Koch, their father, was an oil man of the 1930’s who made his fortunes with his good friend, the Soviet dictator Stalin of #Bolshevik hijacked Russia. Together they created oil refineries before he came back to America establishing Koch Engineering, which stands for PROFIT beyond anything else. Koch Industries worth over $100 Billion deals with oil, gas, consumer goods, plastics, and politics. Their oil refinery has had over 300 oil spills, over $100 million in fines, stole oil from Native American lands, and are the largest polluters in America alone.

Koch money has been openly given to Joe Barton $7,500, Gov. Rick Perry $76,000, Senator Paul Republican $9k, the Legal Foundation $10k, Fred Upton Chariman of house energy & commerce committee $20k [$311K for the actual committee], National Republican Senatorial Committee $45k, Senator Ted Cruz $20K, Ron Johson $10K, John #Boehner speaker of the house $35K, Jim Inhofe $23K, Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell $20K. $250K for political propaganda alone… $1 Million to Republican governors association in 2010, $1 Million to ALEC since 1993 [corporations writing laws], $40 Million in the 2010 Election on Ads, $57 Million to privatize colleges and universities, $2 Million for the Institute of Justice, $1 Million Heritage Foundation, $2.4 Million lobbying, $5.7 Million on political campaigns, $5.8 Million Americans for Prosperity, $2 Million political election 2014, $2 Million reason foundation, $1.3 Million to House and Senate Candidates 2010, $7.9 Million Citizens for a sound economy, $9 Million Mercatus Center, $14.3 Million Cato institute, $400 Million in 2012 Elections, and thats just a few to give you a scope at how much they control.


The Koch Bros. want to eliminate MINIMUM WAGE, saying “It creates a Culture of Dependency”. $67 Billion were spent on attacking minimum wage. The Koch Bros. make $9.5 Million a day! They want to get rid of a wage which helps people get by and provide for their families. Do you think corporations really care about you and your well being? The Koch Bros. have been doing wrong with the greatest sin of Greed. The ALEC initiative “now legal” sets corporations and politicians together to WRITE LAWS. Despite not being elected, they are taking over actively and legally in this corrupt system in need of major change. ALEC alone has control over 1,454 Senators who are just as greedy in their hearts and bought cheap. The “American for Prosperity” company under Koch, spent $122 Million on anti-union nationwide, removing safety regulation and no negotiations for wages. They passed 12 bills with 76 pending.
The Koch Bros spent 2.6 Trillion to dismantle Social Security. They want to destroy by raising the retirement age to 70 and privatize “personal retirement accounts” to invest it on Wall Street.

Wake County Public School System in North Carolina fought a battle to stop the Koch Brothers push for RE-SEGREGATION, making no equality of schools, no large public school system, no education for all- PRIVATIZATION, meaning education for the rich, while the already suffering poor, are totally cut! Koch co. ‘Americans for Prosperity’ donated $5 Million and took over the state government in 2012. The Brothers & company have changed teaching curriculum and omitted important classes for real education as well.



CITIZENS UNITED opened the doors to topple America from the inside out. It gave more power to the corrupt financiers of London & Wall Street to spend as much money as they can to essentially buy Supreme Court Judges and Senators, easier than before. “The Supreme Court decision has reversed a law that I believe will open the floodgates for special interests.”- President Obama even remarked! Supreme Justice Clarence Thomas and Antonio Scalia both had closed door private meetings with the Koch brothers, who are the unelected, writing the laws of America.
The Keystone Pipeline XL or the Tar Sands “dirty energy” in Canada to America has been protested by over 300,000 in NYC’s Climate March and 10,000 people at the White House where 230 were arrested. Obama delayed the descion until 2015 where the Senate has already passed it. The Koch Brothers are the ones set to transport and build pipelines across the nation, which would damage health, wildlife, and the environment. Georgia Pacific Koch Industries have polluted Rivers, and literally killed communities under toxic chemical steaming black water, with cancer. Why has there been no change? Well the under staffed and under payed EPA is also under their thumb and they won’t even send someone to investigate! Millions of waste water is dumped into streams across towns every day. The EPA lets them do it! Meanwhile Koch Bros. gave $500 Million to “Cancer Research” and had a building in Mass. named after him. It’s disgusting and the Koch brothers are widely exposed. Don’t let them buy up America and take it all away. Once it falls totally there is no “New World” to escape to.