Vital Life Force Collective Consciousness

Depression is awareness of something terribly wrong. If you really look at the world… if you see with a “Spiritual Eye” you can see a lot more than you may put to thought. Thoughts are live elemental forces of energy. They can be measured. They have a vital “Life Force”. The “Fire of Mind” is the light-bulb of “electricity” or the “Higher Mind” known collectively as “Consciousness” and “Personality Consciousness”, reside in the “MENTAL PLANE” of the “incarnated” human form. Human Beings differ from the other incarnated beings of the ANIMAL KINGDOM, as they have REASON of THOUGHT. One who contemplates and observes ones thoughts, questioning, will always be guided and aligned to their HIGHER SELF or SOUL. “FEELINGS” are not always what they seem, as not everything we “FEEL” is due to physical reactions, but rather actions and re-actions in the unseen world of “EMOTIONS”, which behave as LIQUID MAGNETIC waves which can quickly sway a person on “feeling” alone. The “DESIRE PLANE” is used in advertising upon the mass population to coerce them into accepting and “buying into” the painted illusion, often sacrificing health for worldly affair fashions and ways of life. Nature is always the correct way, as the greatest and strongest magnetic force in the human body, being the heart, will always guide with intuition and compassion when fully aligned. Those lost to greed or depression in mind fail to understand and “harden their hearts” becoming totally devoid of love and wisdom.
Impulse Thought, mostly in “Lower Mind” animalistic desire, controls many at the drop of a hat. Instantaneous impulse… loss of thought. As the Greeks called it, the “Loss of Forgetfulness”. According to the ancient Greco “Mythology” explaining the universal knowledge codified, as all major “religions” of the world share in common; all those who “drank” from it experienced complete forgetfulness. The “River of the Dead” is a globally stated and symbolized depiction for the “LIQUID MAGNETIC” “DESIRE PLANE” of unquenchable desires & greed, which illusions of the greatest kind, quickly and “EMOTIONALLY” “RE-ACT” “WITHOUT THOUGHT”


In periods of utter confusion, the most corrupt beings acting as the Well Wisher relatives, Guardian angels and in some instances as the Almighty Gods, through deceitful methods, try to convince as “TRUE FRIENDS” by offering unquenched desire needs of Sex, Drinks and Food, flavors, Money Greed and Name and Fame etc. Once you are trapped by them, your evolving consciousness immediately gets magnetically bound in their corrupted energy chain web… from which deliverance becomes totally impossible, as they themselves become part of the DECEITFUL AND ILLEGAL AGENDAS following wrongful orders, which is totally contrary to the EVOLUTIONARY PLAN AND PURPOSE OF THE CREATOR LOGOS based upon one and only ineffable universal law of “WILL TO DO GOOD”. Remember there are 4 lower bodies. The physical dense you know.. the body.. the shell
The desire mind or astral plane, works in liquid magnetics, emotions, feelings, desires etc
The Vital body is the animating electric current which creates animation of the form. It is known as Ka in Egypt.
The most important is the mind intellect- electric fire or flame of mind and reason… awareness is 24/7 mindfulness in 24/7 contemplation of thought… Higher frequencies consume lower frequencies. Remember that always