The House Of “ROTHCHILD”

The House of #Rothschild whose family fortune was estimated by researchers at $500 Trillion, and whose relations and puppets on #WallStreet and in the City of #London are responsible for a deliberately created international financial crisis; a permanent Western recession, aimed at creating a global system of extremely wealthy and extreme poverty.

Alexandre de Rothschild said his father always told him to “do what you want.” He took jobs at other financial firms before joining the family business four years ago, becoming the seventh generation of a #banking #dynasty that can be traced to the 18th century. Today, as the firm undergoes a generational shift to younger bankers, he’s being groomed to run Rothschild and succeed his 69-year-old father, David, within five years, according to three people with direct knowledge of the plan says #BLOOMBERG #NEWS in a July 12 #2012 article. His cousin James works at a Washington D.C. private investment and advisory firm.
His father, David de Rothschild, isn’t worried about his readiness. “What I observe of Alexandre’s attitude and behavior and what colleagues tell me is very comforting,” he said. “Things are progressing as they should.” Rothschild Banking advised #Nestle the world’s biggest foodmaker, on its $11.9 billion takeover of #Pfizer #infant #nutrition unit. Alexandre’s presumed ascension is part of his father’s long-sought goal to establish a new “”corporate structure that cements control of the firm within the Rothschild family””. The plan, approved by shareholders on June 8, converted #Paris Orléans, the holding company for Rothschild operations in #France the #UK and elsewhere, into a limited partnership. The family now has 56 percent of voting rights, though its ownership stake is 47 percent.
The consolidation further shifts the balance of power to Paris, where David and Alexandre are based, along with 150 of Rothschild’s 900 investment bankers. In France, the bank in recent years recruited a handful of bankers in their 30s with ties to the French establishment.
David established a new French bank in 1982 and in 2004 took control of the UK business after his cousin Evelyn de Rothschild retired.