The Age Of Revolution

The Age of #Revolution -meaning children of all faiths, creeds, and nations- all standing up for one common goal- freedom – freedom from oppression and freedom of negative systems, of wicked ways- hurting more than doing good. It is a common action taking place globally, whether you notice it or not…it’s happening. The Greeks called 2012 the “Age of #Enlightenment ” for they said humanity would be “interconnected” and a “new beginning” would #reboot our corrupted ways. In a sense thats true, as the #INTERNET #WARS show us, and those #occupy occupying, awakening…and the few standing their lives on the line like #snowden & #manning to redeem #JUSTICE by political law & authority for “””GOOD WILL””” of the public and the people. Public servants should be given no highly king status as its been ongoing corruption of highest kind. #Globalization has created a network of #massive #corruption effecting all lands. A #SOLIDARITY a #UNITY of #IDEAS in compassion for one another, brings unity by diversity through the universal law of “Will to Do Good”. The #Global #Awakening touches every tribe and every nation- every family- every earthen with us here today. Those #awake can’t go back to sleep, others are sensing the facade is fraying at the seems… Technology has been used negatively and is on path to oppress free speech while the global “War on Terror” is altering international laws to detain anyone. Financial corporatacy. When “Torture” is done it’s never by the good guys. The world is on brink of #WorldWar and the people know it. What is done is done and all that is coming is tidal waves.